Itinerant Aerodynamic Habitat (IAH)


I hit the road on May 1at, 2021, traveled around the Western USA, and explored Utah, Wyoming, and parts of the Pacific Northwest. I was abruptly interrupted in late June by an unexpected health problem. I’m fine now, but the pandemic is surging. So I’m sheltering in place again for a bit. Plans being developed.

My Story

My name is Erik Blair. I’m a writer, digital creator, web developer, and nomad. Originally from the East Bay, California, I am currently on an expedition in the Western US, partly powered by the Sun and funded by digital endeavors.

The Escape Pod (IAH)

EscapePod.One is a converted cargo van that’s been modified into a Itinerant Aerodynamic Habitat (IAH). It’s 14 cubic meters of “wheel-estate” that serves as my expeditionary vehicle, home-on-wheels, and portable office.

The Mission

Operation ReConnect™ intends to find people, places and experiences that warm our hearts, wake our minds, and move our spirits. The goal is to share the journey with you. Initial plans include events, festivals, and exploring the Wild West.

Events & Locations


TBA | Coming Soon

Operation ReConnect™ 2021 : Exploring the Wild West

Mission Provisional Itinerary