The Mission

“There’s probably not going to be any wi-fi in the wilderness, but you’ll find no better connection.”
— Unknown

Operation ReConnect™

After surviving the beginning of the global pandemic, I decided it was time to reconnect with people, places and to experience the outdoors once again.

I felt a deep sense of loss sheltering-in-place for more than a year and it was time to embark on my journey to reconnect.

Operation ReConnect™ is intended to find people, places and experiences that warm our hearts, wake our minds, and move our spirits. And I found a few!

Initially, my plans include some epic events and exciting festivals, and eventually exploring the Wild West and Pacific Northwest. Many of those didn’t pan out because the pandemic canceled them. But I did explore the west.

I had hoped to discover what’s happened to “America” and to tell the story of how people are getting by, improvising, recovering after Covid19, and thriving in these historically tumultuous times. But this proved a daunting task and I was ill prepared for the mission.

I did a lot of research and explored the beautiful places I wanted to experience, but reaching out to people and meeting with them wasn’t working. Many I never got replies from.

For this operation, I did travel to the places on the map (Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon). The whole trip was about 60 days of driving through cities and small towns, deserts, mountains, forests and National Parks. It was a great experience.

EscapePod.One Stickers

Show your support by purchasing these custom die cut 3 inch stickers. Each sticker helps to pay for fuel which amounts to miles of road to explore. So you’ll be contributing to the mission in a very important way.

The Occasional Update

Join the mailing list for update and changes along the way. If you are planning to be anywhere along my route, reach out if you’d like to meetup.

Operation ReConnect™ 2021 : Exploring the Wild West

Mission Provisional Itinerary